Yago Santos is currently one of the most prominent Spanish composers worldwide. Yago is the disciple of the great Rafael Riqueni, First International “Paco de Lucía” Prize and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston. His music has travelled all over the world and he has shared stage with the most relevant flamenco figures, such as Jose Mercé, Manuel Molina, Jose el de la Tomasa, Mayte Martin, Rafael Riqueni, Miguel Ángel Cortés, El Pele or Arcángel among others.
Yago started studying piano, harmony and solfedge at the age of five. His first musical influence was his mother, who also plays piano and teached him during the first years of his life. Self-taught guitar player, Yago won his first composition prizes while he was studying a Bachelors Degree in Business and Administration and a Masters Degree in Leadership Skills at the Universidad Comercial de Deusto (Spain) and University of Economics of Tilburg (Netherlands).
One year after finishing his bachelors degree, Yago was awarded with the AIE scholarship to attend Fundación Cristina Heeren in Seville and Taller de Musics in Barcelona in two years time. During this period, he attends to lessons with masters such as Pedro Sierra, Eduardo Rebollar, Niño de Pura, Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, Paco Cortes, Dave Holland or Pat Metheny.
2010 is definitively a magical year for Yago. He meets his first mentor, the great master Rafael Riqueni, who calls him to play at the international premiere of his latest album “Parque de María Luisa” at Teatro Lope de Vega, Seville, sharing stage with Mayte Martin, Jose Luis Lopez, Guillermo McGill or Manolo Calleja among others. He took him as his pupil for five years and taught him all the secrets of the flamenco guitar. Riqueni instructed Yago so deeply into musical composition and solo guitar, and that meant undoubtedly a turning point in his musical career. From this point onward, Yago has been touring all over the world sharing stage with top Flamenco artists such as Jose Merce, El Pele, La Macanita, Miguel Angel Cortes, Maria Juncal, Alfonso Losa, Mayte Matin, Rafael Riqueni and so on.
Yago expanded his career to an international level, where he strengthened ties between flamenco and andalousí music working as a solo guitarist in Nassim Orchestra al Andalous of Oran, Chekara Orchestra of Tetouan and collaborating with the solo singer and lutenist Lila Bursali.
Yago has performed in countries such as:
England, Mónaco, Ireland, Austria, France, Italy, Dubai, Marocco, Argelia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, United States, Dominican Republic, México, Portugal, Nigeria, China, Corea, Japan, …
Yago has performed in theaters such as:
Concertgebow (The Netherlands), Bellas Artes Theater (México), Teatro de la Maestranza (Spain), Teatro Lope de Vega (Spain), and much more.
At the age of 25 Yago starts to work as the arrenger of the “Anna Frank” show produced by de CIA María Juncal (Premio Nacional de Danza) and awarded internationally in the Eindhoven music Festival. Yago also receives the call of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong (China) to perform a tour as the main soloist playing spanish classical music such as “Concierto de Aranjuez” of Joaquin Rodrigo, conducted by the french Jean Thorel. At the same time, he tours internationally with several mediterranean orchestras such as Nassim Orchestra al Andalous de Oran (Argelia), Chekara Orchestra of Tetuan and the laud player and singer Lila Bursali.
Yago has also composed succesful film music. At the age of 27, the film producer Basque Films calls Yago to colaborate in the composition of the music for the film “Pos Eso”, in collaboration with actors such as Santiago Segura, Anabel Alonso and Josema Yuste among others. That same year Yago studies a Master in Filmscoring at Katarina Gurska with masters like Pierre Strauch, Eva Gancedo, Borja Quintas, Fernando Velázquez, Juan Jose Solana, Carlos Duque or Cristian Dierntein, and he publishes his first book “20 Guitar Etudes”.
Last year Yago received a full scholarship to attend a Master´s in Global Jazz (Performance Concentration) at Berklee College of Music, with great masters such as John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Joe Lovano, Terence Blanchard, Ben Street, Dave Douglas, George Garzone or Danilo Pérez among others. During that year at Boston, Yago leads a chamber group and he composes and records a concert for guitar and orchestra in Mix one Studios in Boston. Due to this intense work he was awarded with "Summa Cum Laude" distinction. 
Currently Yago is working on his upcoming solo guitar album and on the release of his second book.



“Yago Santos es, a sus 25 años, todo un virtuoso de la guitarra y un gran compositor. Es una alegría que salgan jóvenes de tanta calidad musical”
Rafael Riqueni

“Yago Santos (Bilbao, 1985) tiene buena planta, facilidad de palabra y una cabeza bien amueblada. No le habría costado hacerse de oro en el mundo de las finanzas para luego invertir sus ganancias en una ONG de ayuda al refugiado. Es un emprendedor nato al que le gusta tender puentes y quemar las naves. Un tipo generoso y arriesgado. De los que convencen sin palabras. ” El Correo

El Correo

“Yago Santos (1985) forma parte de un nuevo grupo de guitarristas que destacan en la actualidad.” 

ABC Cultural

”El encargado de abrir el telón fue el guitarrista bilbaíno Yago Santos, discípulo de Rafael Riqueni. A sus 28 años el guitarrista lleva a sus espaldas importantes estudios empresariales y musicales (conservatorios, Fundación Cristina Heeren, …). A su maestro, al público y por supuesto, a Curro, quiso dedicarle Yago su interpretación que constó de tres temas. Cerró con “Cogiendo Rosas” -compuesta por su maestro- mostrando en todo momento un gran dominio de las cuerdas, que vibraban con la rapidez del viento.”

La Flamenca

“Manuel Molina y Yago Santos y su guitarra de concierto.Guitarrista que puede presumir de ser el discípulo más aventajado del maestro Rafael Riqueni.”


“Del norte llegó una guitarra sabia, la de Yago Santos (Bilbao, 1985), porque de sabios es saber dónde hay que mirar y en quién inspirarse. Él lo hizo en la maestría y la imaginación de Rafael Riqueni.”

El Eco de la Memoria


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