"Flamenco Guitar" - The new flamenco guitar method of Yago Santos, commissioned by Hal Leonard Corporation

Learn flamenco guitar techniques! This practical book presents the essential concepts, rhythms, sounds, techniques, and theory of flamenco. You will understand flamenco forms and styles, the terminology, and authentic performance practices, whether as a solo guitarist, accompanying a singer, or accompanying a dancer. It includes traditional and more contemporary approaches to flamenco, presenting techniques (and recommending listening) by masters of flamenco such as Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Rafael Riqueni, Gerardo Núñez, Diego del Morao, and many others. Online media includes 96 demonstration videos and 192 audio tracks for demonstration and play-along practice with live percussion. The author’s original etudes and falsetas are presented in traditional notation and tablature, and reflect traditional and modern flamenco styles and techniques.  

This book will help you: 

· Identify the main rhythmic cycles and clapping patterns employed in flamenco, and how they relate to the various flamenco styles (palos). 

· Perform flamenco guitar techniques such as tremolo, golpe, picado, alzapúa, rajeo, and others, through a series of practical exercises and etudes in different palos. 

· Understand and apply characteristic theory concepts, such as flamenco scales, chords, and cadences. 

· Understand flamenco form and structure, and effectively communicate formal concepts during performance, such as llamada, cierre, falseta, letra, and escobilla. 

· Practice these techniques in a series of original extended solos (falsetas) in the most popular flamenco styles: soleá, fandangos de huelva, guajira, bulerías, alegrías, tangos, and soleá por bulerías. 


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