I began to consider the composition of Alma de Niño back in 2010, shortly after leaving my hometown, Bilbao, where I learned the love for music is from my mother who was my first teacher. It was precisely in 2010 when I began to compose the first piece of this work, A Fali, honoring to my second teacher Rafael Riqueni, whom I met in Madrid that same year. I had already made the first sketches of this soleá por bulería in Seville a few months before, the result of intense afternoons with the guitar in which I tried to describe those magical sunsets at the Triana bridge. It was, however, in Madrid, where I finished “A Fali”, a consequence of my relationship with my teacher, to whom, as a way of thanking him for his advice and teachings, I dedicate this first piece of Alma de Niño.

I would spend the next five years in Madrid and later in Boston, where I composed the remaining pieces that make up this album. The contact I had with jazz and world music musicians in the United States greatly enriched me personally and also substantially changed the way I approached music.

In this album there is a lot of improvisation, especially in the form and harmonization of the second guitars. Each of the pieces on this album reflect the experiences and states of mind that I have experienced in these intense years of searching. With this album I wanted to capture my personal vision of contemporary flamenco guitar.

The soul of a child is always innocent, always flies into the unknown in search of an impossible dream. Navigates between illusions, always with a full smile and an open heart. He abandons the intellect, he never pretends but brims with intelligence and freedom, a sober madness that defies the established. I hope this work inspires you and awakens the child in you.


1) A Fali (Solea por buleria) 

2) Calle de la Memoria (Taranta)  

3) La Calzada de la Reina (Guajira) 

4) Cárcel de Oro (Solea) 

5) Por Almonaster (Interlude) 

6) Por Almonaster (Fandango de Huelva)

7) Generaciones (Buleria)

8) Tangos del Zahorí (Tangos)  

9) Loca (Seguiriya)  

10) Alma de Niño (Rumba)  

11) Por Lavapiés (Tientos)  

12) Origen (Buleria)  

13) A mi Padre (Rondeña)  

14) Presente (Buleria)  

15) Tren del Olvido (Fantasía)



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