"Una obra atemporal, un paso adelante en la guitarra flamenca"

Rafael Riqueni

"Un disco exquisito de guitarra flamenca tocado con una maestría increíble" 

LH Magazine

"Diez años ha tardado el bilbaíno Yago Santos en componer esta obra conformada por 15 temas que, a la postre, vienen a confirmar que ‘Alma de niño’ es como una vasija que solo puede llenarse de melodías para la eternidad."

Manuel Martín Martín

"¡Si eres un amante de la guitarra flamenca no debieras perderte este disco por nada del mundo!"

 Rock in Bilbao




Concierto de Aranjuez


"My impressions of Yago’s methods and style that I have listened now several times with pleasure I feel are brilliant in a forward thinking way extending the vocabulary of this wonderful idiom of music! A treasure!"

Al di Meola

"This is a brilliant work by Yago. The exercises are very musical, challenging and fun to play. They capture a total spectrum of flamenco styles and cover enormous range of technical issues facing instrumentalists. The written material is invaluable, insightful amd informative for anyone who wants to get deep in the world of flamenco guitar. Yago has worked with me, and all his charts have been well written, challenging and a joy to perform. I recommend his method."

Rafael Riqueni

"Flamenco is a very complex music that has long been an oral tradition, without texts or scores. In this book, not only the flamenco guitar technique is very well explained with many didactic examples but also the main theoretical concepts to approach flamenco in a gradual and affordable way. For those who want to enter the world of flamenco guitar, this new book by Yago Santos can be very useful and serve as a guide."

Juan Manuel Cañizares

"Brilliant and recommendable work by Yago Santos. Ideal for anyone who wants to get deeper into the world of flamenco music and its history, as well as expand his/her knowledge with its written and video recorded technical exercises and flamenco songs (toques). Congratulations, an essential work. I recommend it".

Gerardo Núñez



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