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"Online Masterclass on Contemporary Flamenco Guitar"

- For Guitarists of all levels


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How does the course work?

The course of Yago Santos is structured in weekly lessons via Skype. This way the student will be able to assimilate, integrate and incorporate to the instrument all the knowledge and expertise adquired during the lesson. Ten students will be accepted each year. To reserve your place please sign up in the form exposed above. The lessons timetable will be scheduled with each student in order to find a suitable time for each lesson.


Each term is divided in for different levels according to the previous training and experience of the student. Each level has its own study plan, defined as follows: 


The Objective in the first Flamenco Guitar course (Introductory Level) is to introduce the student to the fundamentals of the Art of Flamenco in its broader sense; from the fundamental technical studies of Flamenco guitar, accompaniment for dance and voice, solo performance, to the understanding of musical system/theory in practice, through the study of the harmonic and melodic structures used by composers such as Niño Ricardo, Sabicas, Vicente Amigo, and Paco de Lucia.  

At the same time, the course will introduce the student into the world of improvisation, studying and employing basic harmonic concepts such as tonality, the Greek modes, pentatonic scales or the related chords as well as others.


The objective of the second Flamenco Guitar Course (Intermediate Level) is to bring together the knowledge/understanding of accompaniment of voice and deepen the fundamentals of solo performance, through the study of the structures, “falsetas” and classic melodies found in each Flamenco “Palo” (form). In this course the student will study the categories of chords and their construction, the secondary dominants and the substitute dominant and the student will be introduced to the harmonic and melodic modes.  

This course continues to develop the practice of composition and recording original music which will be reviewed by Maestro Yago Santos.


The objective of the third Flamenco Guitar course (Advanced Level) is to deepen the training of the students as accompanists and solo guitarists, such the each student can accompany singers and dancers on the spot without rehearsing as is it happens in social gatherings and in festivals. The technical classes will be oriented to reinforcing solo performance, as well as polishing the techniques in accompanying. In this course, the student will study the Neapolitan modes and mixed modes, transition chords, modulations and possibilities of altered dominants.  

The student at the advanced level will be able to compose falsetas and their compositions, employing the technical and musical tools acquired during the previous courses.


The student at the advanced level now has knowledge of all the various Flamenco forms, their basic structures and the theory behind it. In this course, the focus is the artistic identity of the student as a professional so that the student has his/ her own repertoire, which they can develop and perform in “tablaos”, festivals and other performance venues.  

Compositions will be reviewed by maestro Yago Santos. This course will focus on the development of the student’s creative work. 

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