Santos, Yago

Camino de la Plata (Norteña)

 Detailed product information  

Edition nº                     First Edition     

Editor                             Javier Vega     

Instrumentation        Guitar     

Language.                    Spanish     

Product contains:     Sheet music + TAB

Product format           PDF

Binding                          Digital     

Pages / Format          III, 275 S. - 32,5 x 25,5 cm

Product description

The guitarist Yago Santos has recently presented a new flamenco style that he himself has baptized with the name of Norteña. This new guitar toque offers hypnotic melodies accompanied by a slow and articulate harmony, offering a coherent musical discourse suitable for all audiences. 
Listening to him we perceive a melancholic, deep, and relaxed air, which is far from the technical and aesthetic boasts to which current flamenco has accustomed us. Expression, lyricism and feeling predominate in him, which he undoubtedly manages to transmit to the listener from the first arpeggios that begin the work. 
After his first solo guitar album, Alma de Niño, the composer once again leaves his comfort zone to broaden the sound horizons of flamenco.