Santos, Yago

Cárcel de Oro (Solea)

 Detailed product information 

Edition nº                     First Edition 

Editor                             Javier Vega 

Instrumentation        Guitar 

Language.                    Spanish 

Product contains:     Sheet music + TAB 

Product format           PDF 

Binding                          Digital 

Pages / Format          III, 275 S. - 32,5 x 25,5 cm

Product description

  "Cárcel de Oro" is a solo guitar tune composed by Yago Santos in solea form using standard tuning. This tune is contained in his first solo album "Alma de Niño" (Karonte / Nuba Records), released in 2021.

This solea corresponds to the first compositional period of the composer in which traditional flamenco melodies and rhythms are reflected. Flamenco guitar is frequently described as a "golden prison" due to the amount of hours required for its mastery. The tittle means exactly that, and it describes the inner path that flamenco composers have to take in order to create  original melodies and a unique personality with the instrument.